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After a few years of activity, it was about time we had a new digital home to tell about our work, our experiences, our vision. We made a complete rework of technology and image, to build a new way to stay constantly connected with our customers and our partners.

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It has been about six years since the release of the first "real" Twinbit website. Since then things have changed and evolved, from a close-knit group of freelance we have become a company, with the same spirit which led us to have our say on the Italian and European market .

During these years we faced many challenges, and like any good team we had the strength and the joy of winning and the courage to lose and improve, the tenacity to build our team up, invest in new projects and events. We had the honor of helping large companies and agencies to propose digital solutions for their business, using the best of open source technologies on the market today. Last but not least: we invested in the technology that most of all we love : Drupal.

CMS is now a fundamental component of many businesses and organizations: having a flexible and powerful tool is the key to gain a successful online presence. With the exponential growth of social media, and the multitude of devices connected to the internet (just think about the phenomenon of "wearable" devices which is strongly growing), companies no longer need just a "website" or a "web application", they need a tool that can rule their entire digital experience . They need platforms able to react to a wide range of contexts and able to integrate with other tools. These platforms should be able to convey content through multiple channels and multiple contexts. Therefore we are always looking for new challenges and new customers, having the right expertise to study together your next Digital Strategy

That's why we want to imagine this new "home" as our first step towards this new approach, putting again our experience online. The new website is multilingual to begin a dialogue with new markets. It also has a responsive design to be read using any device. These pages will tell you about our expertise and the new services we are offering. We will talk about technology, digital strategy and development of our business experience.

So.. here we are! This new site is on-line! Please note, like any software we are always looking for bugs and glitches, and will always be evolving and improving. Some sections will be online in the coming weeks. We are very happy to have a new site that better represents Twinbit: I hope you will enjoy it as well! In the meantime, you can come to visit us in our office to have a chat and a coffee and to get to know each other. You can also challenge us at table football, it seems that our team is a tough one to beat!

Photo courtesy of Luke Chesser

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